MEGLIO universal degreaser

750 ml

Orange scent degreaser

  • The UNIVERSAL degreaser is a new special high-concentration detergent, fruit of the most advanced scientific research. It can be used in any sector, from household cleaning to professional use.


    WHERE TO USE IT: ovens, hoods, food slicers, plates, pots and pans, hand washed and machine-washed, barbeques, fireplaces, imitation leather, lamps, radiators, window fixtures, PVC, rolling shutters, washable walls, artificial plants, difficult stains on clothing, sports shoes,school bags,work tables, plastic furniture, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, campers, trailers, boats, insect residues, lawn mowers, outdoor canopy covers, workshop tools, officemachines and equipmentand… anygreasy dirt that is difficult to remove.



  • Chemical composition, in accordance with Regulation 648/2004/EC

    5% inf.: non ionic and cationic tensioactive materials, phosphates

    Other components: perfume



    Read the product label carefully before use.

  • Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned, leave it to act for up to 4 minutes in case of more difficult dirt. Then rinse

    • In case of hood filters, leave them to soak for 30 minutes in a warm 10% solution, then rinse.
    • In case of coloured fabrics, first test the colour resistance of the fabric on a hidden part of the garment.
    • In case of painted materials or materials that are notindicated, test the product on a hidden part of the surface to be treated.
    • Avoid using the product on polycarbonates, as for example crash helmet visors, shower boxes, etc.
    • Do not use on natural wood.