5 in 1 - 1 Litre

Toilet Gel

  • 5 in 1

    • leaves a good perfume
    • eliminates the dirt
    • adheres to the walls
    • active under water
    • super fresh!


    The following variants are available

    • (Pine-eucalyptus scented) bleach
    • Alpine fragrance
    • Marine fragrance
    • Descaling solution
  • Chemical composition, in accordance with Regulation 648/2004/EC

    5% inf.: non ionic tensioactive materials

    Other components: perfume



    Read the product label carefully before use.

    • Use exclusively fortoilets.
    • To open the safety cap, pressthe lined segments, and unscrew .
    • Apply the product under the toilet rim.
    • Let the product act (15 minutes in the case of the Marine and Alpine fragrance, 30 minutes in case of Bleach and 1 hour in case of the Descaling solution) keeping the toilet seat up, scrub with a brush and flush down with water.
    • Screw the cap back on the bottle.



    Do not use on marble, enamelled metal surfaces or other surfaces that may be damaged on contact with the product. In case of contact with materials other than porcelain, rinse immediately.

    After use, make sure that no residues of product that could damage non-porcelain surfaces are left on the bottle.